Free roulette formula are easy to follow.

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So that gamblers can play roulette with fun and making winnings easier. We also have a free roulette formula for you as follows betting.

1.High-Low Thrust Formula

  • This formula is suitable for the time when the game produces a high number (19-36) in a row for 2-3 rounds, then allows the player to bet on 1 st and bet on a high number (19-36) as well. Mainly because we will get 1 time profit, but if issued at 1 st, at least the player doesn’t have to pay extra money because it breaks. Do this in the 2nd and 3rd rounds with the same amount of bets. For the 4th round, stop holding and double the bet in the 4th time.UFABET 

2. High-low thrust formula

  • This formula is played with 12 positions 1st, 2nd and 3rd each. with a payout rate of up to 2 times ever By choosing to place bets in at least 2 positions, so no matter where the ball lands When deducting the bet, you still get profit, for example, a player bets 1,000 baht on the 1st and 2nd when starting the game, the ball falls on the position. 1st, the player receives a prize of 3,000 baht, which loses the bet on the 2nd position of 1,000 baht, meaning that the player still has a profit of 2,000.

3.Middle thrust formula

  • This is a formula that all gambling experts say in the same voice that can help them win more bets than lose. In which the middle zone of roulette is the number 13-24, allowing players to choose to bet on Teng (paying rate 35 times) or bet on Tod 2nd12 (paying rate 2 times), both of which must be in the middle zone numbers for all 12 of these only For more confidence, before entering this formula, check the statistics to see how much the middle zone number results are.

4. Formulas that do not stab repeatedly

  • This formula may seem challenging to some players. Because it is a bet on numbers that have never produced results before But when looking at the possibilities, it looks interesting, not less. Because roulette has all 37 numbers on the table, so the chances will come out as the same number. Therefore, it is quite difficult. The players can check from the statistics table of each table. It is considered a risky formula, because if stabbed correctly, will receive money up to 35 times ever.