Popular BlackJack Often Found in online casino.

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Ask first if you are dizzy with Popular BlackJack card games in online casinos, you can say without thinking that you are dizzy!!! Anyone who starts playing this type of cards at first thinks it’s easy

Spanish 21

Let’s move to the Spanish side. Where the Spanish 21 uses cards to play from 6-8 decks and has 10 faces removed from the pile, leaving only 48 cards per deck. Which can be said to have the opportunity to lose the opportunity cost. To the dealer than other types of blackjack. The method of playing is the same as the classic. The dealer can look at the facedown card and immediately win the BlackJack. But if the Player also wins the Popular BlackJack. The tie is considered. Players can Late Surrender or Insurance and can Double Down after Surrendering UFABET 

Progressive BlackJack

BlackJack Switch

The specialty of this type of cards is Players can only change 1 of their cards. After being dealt 2 cards from the dealer. But in exchange for a low 1:1 payout compared to 3:2 in blackjack. This, if the dealer is stuck with BlackJack is considered to win immediately in the event. That the player has changed cards. But if the player gets the same BlackJack without changing cards. It will be considered a tie.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Vegas Strip is another famous blackjack card game in America. before spreading its popularity all over the world The rules are similar to the classic ones. But using only 4 decks of playing cards, where the dealer can sneak a peek at the Hole Card, while the player can Double Down after splitting AA pair cards only and can re-split 3 times.


Is a blackjack card game that is popularly played in France, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore by the name Pontoon, besides being used to call BlackJack cards, it is also used to call BlackJack cards as well. The hit is called Twist, Stand. The word Stick will be used in terms of playing rules that are most similar to Spanish 21, which is to remove the face 10 card from the deck. In addition, Hole Cards are not dealt to the dealer until the player finishes playing.