Wolfsburg 2 – Dortmund 0.

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Borussia Dortmund missed the chance to score a point against leaders Bayern Munich when they lost 2-0 to mid-table Wolfsburg. German Bundesliga Football
Wolfsburg 2 – Dortmund 0

Stadium: Volkswagen Arena

Dortmund who scores only 3 points behind Bayern Munich. The team at the top of the crowd, plays first in the midweek program.

The game started, Wolfsburg went ahead and attacked first. And there were opportunities from both Omar Marmusch and Felix Mecha’s header in the first 4 minutes. But all were saved by Gregor Kobel.

Until another 2 minutes later, the home team took a 1-0 lead until the ball from the corner kick finally arrived, Mickey van der Fen hit the tung fur in the net.

Then the visiting team can start setting up their own game. In the 19th minute, Rafael Guerreiro opened for Don Yell Malen to shoot to save Ken Castile. While 2 minutes later Malen scored another shot in the penalty area. This time did not pass Castile’s hands as before UFABET

In the 31st minute, the home team almost ran away from Yannick Gerhardt. Allowing Jonas Wind to get a header out of the frame.

During the first half of the injury time.

Dortmund should be able to draw a draw. Guerrero opened this ball for Niklas Suele to have a header to hit the post. Wolfsburg ended the first 45 minutes lead 1-0.

The second half, in the 55th minute, was a golden opportunity for the Yellow Tigers when Rafael Guerreiro fired a powerful left shot in the penalty area, but Castile was still sticky and brushed it out after.

However, Wolfsburg had a scary counterattack as well. In the 61st minute, Yakub Kaminski gave Jonas Wind a shot from the right to go into the goal. But Kobel still dived. You can go to super save.

The less time left, the more Dortmund move forward. In the 82nd minute, Jude Bellingham paid for Youssofa Mukogo, a left-handed shot from the front of the penalty area that still didn’t pass Castile’s hand.

became the home side who came to get the ball buried in the first stoppage time from the coordination of 2 substitutes, Patrick Wimmer gave Lucas Mecha a shot from point-blank range into the goal, ending the game, Wolf sop. Wark defeated Dortmund 2-0.