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Lemongrass is a medicinal plant native to tropical Asian countries. It looks like grass and has tall, long leaves that emit a unique smell. In addition to being use for cooking flavoring in food and already made a drink. Lemongrass is also use in various fields such as the soap industry, cosmetics, aromatherapy. or extraction as a cure. It is believe that the chemicals in lemongrass have antioxidant effects. May help prevent the growth of bacteria and yeast. Reduces muscle pain Pain relief and fever reduction. Stimulates blood circulation during menstruation. And is an ingredient in substances that help repel mosquitoes, etc.

Protection against mosquitoes and gnats.

Mosquitoes are blood-sucking animals and carriers of contagious diseases from person to person. Or from warm-blood animals to humans. Such as dengue, malaria, yellow fever, encephalitis, Zika virus, etc. It is a small blood-sucking insect, just like a mosquito. Which creates a nuisance and can bring disease to people as well UFABET

The efficacy was test by applying a lemongrass oil-containing lotion to the subjects’ arms. The experimenter was then placed in an area with high concentrations of Culicoides Pachymerus gnats. The experiment was repeated 10 times to test the protective efficacy within 3-6 hours. Lemongrass-containing lotions are effective for up to about 5 hours against this gnat.

As for the efficacy of lemongrass in preventing Anopheles Arabiensis species in 3 male volunteers. It was found that lemongrass-containing mosquito repellents were effective for approximately 3 hours.