Symptoms of depression.

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Depression in each patient has different symptoms depending on the severity of the disease, gender, or age. They may have feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, feelings of worthlessness, loneliness, hopelessness, and easily irritated. These emotions will have More intense and lasting longer than normal 

It can also affect the body to feel tired all the time. Body pain , difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much. Or have behavior that separates you from society, can’t concentrate, can’t work, loses interest in things you used to like. to thoughts of suicide or harming oneself UFABET 

Depression can be divide into two main types: severe and Chronic.  The chronic type will be discussed briefly below. The entire article will focus on severe only.

  • Major is depressive symptoms that affect work or school life. Including sleeping and eating normally.
  • Chronic (Persistent Depressive Disorder). Although it has fewer symptoms and severity of symptoms. But this type lasts much longer. For at least 2 years or more, people with chronic may also have periods of severe.

Causes of depression.

Depression can be caused by many causes and a combination of factors leading to the development. Including abnormal functioning of certain parts of the brain and unbalanced levels of chemicals. The patient’s previous personality traits that facilitate coping with depression. Stressful life events and severe psychological trauma. Including symptoms of disease and use of medicines that are followed by complications or side effects in the form.